Yuheng Huang
Ph.D. Student, The University of Tokyo
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Short Bio I’m currently a Ph.D. student at Momentum Lab, Dept. of Computer Science at The University of Tokyo, working under the supervision of Prof. Lei Ma. I have graduated from University of Alberta and was fortunate to be funded by AMII for my M.Sc. study. My research interests primarily focus on the quality assurance of complex systems, with a particular emphasis on testing, analysis, monitoring, and verification techniques. In addition, I am also interested in exploring the robustness of AI models and developing Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) solutions for machine learning (ML) development. I also possess experience in AI stack and blockchain technologies. Before joining Momentum Lab, I was fortunate to work with Prof. Haoyu Wang, Prof. Dan Pei and Prof. Yuanchun Li.


  • Quality Assurance of Complex Systems
  • Robustness of AI Models
  • Machine Learning Operations


The University of Tokyo
2024 - present
Ph.D. Student Computer Science
Supervised by Prof. Lei Ma
University of Alberta
2021 - 2023
M.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Supervised by Prof. Lei Ma
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
2017 - 2021
B.Sc. Computer Science
Supervised by Prof. Haoyu Wang and Prof. Yuanchun Li

Recent Publications

Vortex under Ripplet: An Empirical Study of RAG-enabled Applications, 2024, Preprint
Yuchen Shao , Yuheng Huang , Jiawei Shen , Lei Ma , Ting Su , Chengcheng Wan

TESTEVAL: Benchmarking Large Language Models for Test Case Generation, 2024, Preprint
Wenhan Wang* , Chenyuan Yang* , Zhijie Wang* , Yuheng Huang , Zhaoyang Chu , Da Song , Lingming Zhang , An Ran Chen , Lei Ma

PromptCharm: Text-to-Image Generation through Multi-modal Prompting and Refinement, 2024, The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'24)
Zhijie Wang , Yuheng Huang , Da Song , Lei Ma , Tianyi Zhang

LUNA: A Model-Based Universal Analysis Framework for Large Language Models, 2023, Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE'24)
Da Song , Xuan Xie , Jiayang Song , Derui Zhu , Yuheng Huang , Felix Juefei-Xu , Lei Ma

Generation-Based Differential Fuzzing for Deep Learning Libraries, 2023, ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM'23)
Jiawei Liu , Yuheng Huang , Zhijie Wang , Lei Ma , Chunrong Fang , Mingzheng Gu , Xufan Zhang , Zhenyu Chen

Look Before You Leap: An Exploratory Study of Uncertainty Measurement for Large Language Models, 2023, Preprint
Yuheng Huang , Jiayang Song , Zhijie Wang , Shengming Zhao , Huaming Chen , Felix Juefei-Xu , Lei Ma

PatchCensor: Patch Robustness Certification for Transformers via Exhaustive Testing, 2023, (Special Section: AI and SE) at ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM'23)
Yuheng Huang , Lei Ma , Yuanchun Li

DeepLens: Interactive Out-of-distribution Data Detection in NLP Models, 2023, The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'23)
Da Song* , Zhijie Wang* , Yuheng Huang , Lei Ma , Tianyi Zhang

DeepSeer: Interactive RNN Explanation and Debugging via State Abstraction, 2023, The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'23)
Zhijie Wang , Yuheng Huang , Da Song , Lei Ma , Tianyi Zhang

An Exploratory Study of AI System Risk Assessment from the Lens of Data Distribution and Uncertainty, 2022, Preprint
Zhijie Wang , Yuheng Huang , Lei Ma , Haruki Yokoyama , Susumu Tokumoto , Kazuki Munakata

A Semantic-aware Representation Framework for Online Log Analysis, 2020, International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN'20)
Weibin Meng , Ying Liu , Yuheng Huang , Shenglin Zhang , Federico Zaiter , Bingjin Chen , Dan Pei

Understanding (mis) behavior on the eosio blockchain, 2020, Proceedings of the ACM on Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems (SIGMETRICS'20)
Yuheng Huang , Haoyu Wang , Lei Wu , Gareth Tyson , Xiapu Luo , Run Zhang , Xuanzhe Liu , Gang Huang , Xuxian Jiang

Service and Talks

[Review] Conference reviewer for Neurips 2023, 2024
[Review] Conference subreviewer for RADAS 2021, ISSRE 2022
[Review] Journal reviewer for Computers & Security, IEEE Transactions on Reliability
[Talk] Tutorial on AI Quality Assurance at SEMLA'22, Oct., 2022
[Talk] Tutorial on AI Quality Assurance at ASE'22, Oct., 2022
[Teaching] Laboratory TA of the Introduction to the Basics of Intelligent Software Engineering (初ゼミ@the University of Tokyo)
[Volunteer] Student volunteer at MODELS 2021


When I'm free, I like to play video games, watch anime, and read books. Most of them are about fiction (especially Sci-Fi). For anime, I particularly like Cowboy Bebop , Ghost In The Shell , and Made in Abyss . For Sci-Fi, I'm a big fan of Cixin Liu , Vernor Steffen Vinge , Hannu Rajaniemi , and Isaac Asimov . I would say Sci-Fi shapes my dream, and those brilliant ideas are one of the biggest motivations for my research. They, together with the help of my supvervisors and friends, help me go through the hardest time.

In the second year of my undergraduate study, I was lost and in complete despair. One day I left all my work and spent the whole day writing a Sci-Fi novel with over 10,000 Chinese words. That novel, entitled Under the Tide (Chinese: 浪潮之下), received the first prize in a nationwide competition . Although I would say that was more a fluke, it still successfully conveyed an idea that I was trying to express. However, as I am unsatisfied with my writing skills, I have stopped writing for years. I hope to write something that can also encourage a kid like me in the future.